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Common CV Mistakes

There are a great many pitfalls when it comes to CV writing, so it comes as no surprise to hear that many people frequently make lots of mistakes, and on every front.

The biggest sin is really to send off your CV to an employer when it isn't fit for purpose. At the very least you need to make sure that your CV is attractive and enticing to read rather than a deterrent. So one important tip is to not jump the gun. Only send off your CV once you are happy with it. If need be get a second opinion.

Once the employer has your CV, then you need to attract his/her attention. However, most people make the mistake of not doing enough to captivate the employer. Indeed, many people fail to realise the importance of CV relevance, balance, flow and much more besides.

...And that's before we even get onto the all-important matter of selling yourself to the maximum.

CV writing is more of a minefield than a stroll in the park – so beware!

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