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Consultancy Method

We have an excellent international reputation and consequently clients come to us from all around the world. We offer various methods of consultation, including combinations of methods. These are listed below.

E-Mail Consultation

Since we have a national and global reach many UK and overseas clients prefer to work with us via e-mail, and we have been working successfully via e-mail for years. Significantly, we know email to be a quick, efficient and highly reliable way of gathering information, assessing goals and communicating key points. Significantly, since we are working with a written document, e-mail is a perfect environment since your consultant can refer to any point you have made in black and white when it comes to the writing process. This works both ways, and many clients find that they can read any correspondence at their leisure and jot down a reply if need be without being rushed, and without being put on the spot. E-mail is actually a far better, and a far more reliable means of consultation than some people realise.

Telephone Consultation

We also offer telephone consultation, although it is not as reliable as e-mail, as things get missed, not everything can be written down, and it is also very common for clients to forget to mention certain things that they wouldn't have done if they were to have jotted them down in an e-mail. With e-mail your consultant will have everything at hand in front of him/her in black and white when it comes to writing your CV. This isn't the same if you rely solely on telephone consultations. All in all, while telephone consultation is useful (and your consultant may well call you to clarify certain points), it is best employed in conjunction with e-mail correspondence. If in doubt, your consultant can advise you.

Face-To-Face Consultations


Demand for Our Services

As mentioned, clients come to us from all around the world. It therefore usually isn't possible for us to be able to meet clients face-to-face. That said, if you would prefer to meet a consultant faceto-face it may be possible depending upon your location and circumstances. Please note that there is a surcharge for face-to-face consultations, and this will vary depending upon your location for example the surcharge for London and Surrey would be less than it is for Scotland and overseas.


CV companies who offer face-to-face consultations are few and far between. And those who do usually charge a premium. Sometimes the cost is included with the CV, and sometimes it is in the form of a surcharge. Either way, if you want to meet a CV consultant face-to-face you need to pay more than the going rate than other consultation methods.

Is it worth it?

Other CV companies will tell you that face-to-face consultations are worth the extra money (sometimes rising to hundreds or even thousands of pounds extra). However, we pride ourselves on our openness, honesty and transparency – so be perfectly frank, our honest opinion is that face-toface consultations are frequently more of a marketing gimmick to generate extra fees than anything useful. Indeed, you are unlikely to get a better CV talking to a client face-to-face.

There are numerous reasons for this, but the most obvious one is the fact that there is nothing that a client can say to you face-to-face that they can't say by telephone or by e-mail.

So why go to all the extra time, effort and expense of travelling to meet a consultant, and spending an hour or so talking about their CV?

Well, it's more about marketing gimmicks and perceptions. Some clients perceive they are getting a better service just by talking to someone, when in many cases they end up with a worse service.

And why a worse service?

Well, firstly the best CV companies do not need to resort to marketing gimmicks like this. Also, if you want the best CV you need the best writer, and the best CV writers are very few and far between. It is highly unlikely that you will find one of the top five CV writers in the country located around the corner from you.

However, if you want to work by e-mail and telephone with one of the very best CV writers in the UK we can offer you exactly that here and now.

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