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No Ordinary Professional CV Writing Service!


  • Q: How do you differ from typical CV companies?

    A. Firstly, we are real experts - as our groundbreaking CV book testifies. Secondly, our methods are different, and our results are better. Thirdly, we don't just tweak generic CV templates, but we meticulously craft your own professional CV specifically for you, your circumstances and your target job.

    There are other reasons too why we differ, but the above should give you an indication of just some of the reasons why you are better off coming to us rather than other CV companies.

  • Q: How do your writers differ?

    A. They are better qualified and far more experienced for starters. On top of that, it is highly unlikely that you will have your CV written by real, genuinely talented, published author if you go elsewhere.

  • Q: Are you one of the big CV writing factories?

    A. No, rest assured, we are a small team of specialists offering one-to-one personal service to help you achieve your goals.

  • Q: Do you outsource work to other companies?

    A. Certainly not. We want to give you the best possible CV, and the only way we can ensure that is to write it ourselves.

  • Q: Are your writers qualified?

    A. Yes, the minimum qualification our writers hold is a good honours degree.

  • Q: What sectors do you cater for?

    A. We help clients across all sectors.

  • Q: Do you help clients at all levels?

    A. Yes, we help everyone from students right through to senior executives/CEOs, MDs etc.

  • Q: Where are your clients?

    A. Surrey, London, South East England, the rest of the UK and internationally. We help clients far and wide.

  • Q: Who is publishing your CV book?

    A. The CV book is being published by a top UK publisher. And it is due for publication this summer.

  • Q: How does the process work?

    A. Each job is different. Even so, the process is straightforward. The first part revolves around requirement gathering, to discover just what you are looking for, and ascertaining what else we need to help you achieve just that. It is a two-way process and you are encouraged to let us know your goals so we can help you achieve them. The next stage is the writing process, and you can leave that in our capable hands. Once we have finished your CV we will send it to you by e-mail. In the vast majority of times clients are thrilled with the first draft. However, if you do want any changes then just let your consultant know and he/she can make changes if need be.

  • Q: How long does it take?

    A. Most clients appreciate that the best CVs do take time, and they do give us sufficient time. On top of this we are always in demand, and usually have a waiting list. Consequently, it can take two weeks or more. At the same time, if you do have a deadline that is sooner, and just let us know and we can work towards that for you.

  • Q: What payment methods do you accept?

    A. We accept PayPal, credit card, debit card and bank wire transfers.

  • Q: Do you offer discounts?

    A. No, our prices are already extremely reasonably priced for the top quality work we do on your behalf.

  • Q: Are there cheaper companies?

    A. Yes, some of the CV factories are cheaper, but it's rather like wearing a suit off-the-peg from the market to interview, rather than something that is tailor-made and of the highest quality. If you go for a cheaper service you shouldn't be so surprised if your CV doesn't produce the results you want.

  • Q: Are there more expensive companies?

    A. Yes, there are more expensive companies than us. However, we believe we offer the best CV you will find on the market - regardless of price. We certainly believe that our CVs are superior to those of more expensive companies.

  • Q: How are they better?

    A. They are better on pretty much every front. Each job is different, but frequently our CVs will be a better length, more focused, better targeted, better optimised and better presented than other professional CVs. If this isn't enough your CV should also be more relevant to the job, and sell your skills far more powerfully and effectively.

    If your CV was written by a professional CV firm, then if you send it to us we can even tell you in advance just how we will improve it (and believe us - we will improve it!)

  • Q: Do you offer other services?

    A. Yes we do, and details are on this page.

  • Q: What sectors do you cater for?

    A. We help clients across all sectors.

  • Q: Do you have experience writing CVs for my job ?

    A. We have been doing this a long time and have experience writing top-quality CVs for pretty much every job imaginable.

  • Q: What if I'm not happy?

    A. We will be doing our utmost to make sure that you are happy with the very first draft. However, in the unlikely event that you feel changes are needed, we are happy to make further amendments to the CV until you are completely happy.

  • Q: Are there any refunds?

    A. Yes, if you cancel before we start work we offer a full, no quibble refund. If you change your mind part of the way through the process then we offer a part refund. Once we have sent you your CV there are no refunds, although, as mentioned above if you need any changes then just let us know and we can make amendments for you so that you are happy.

  • Q: Are your testimonials genuine?

    A. Yes, they are all 100% genuine. Not only that, but they represent just a very small number of the glowing testimonials we regularly receive from our highly satisfied clients.

  • Q: Can I link to your website?

    A. Yes, you are welcome to link to our website.

  • Q: Can I contact you even after my CV has been written?

    A. Yes, you can contact us before, during or after the CV writing process.

  • Q: Do you mind if I contact you?

    A. Not at all, we are here to help you. That is why we offer a free after sales service.

  • Q: What are your consultation methods?

    A. They are listed on this page