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Optimising Your CV

Most people don't even know how to optimise their CVs for jobs to the maximum (let alone actually do it).

However, if you don't optimise your CV for your target jobs then you are effectively just handing over the advantage to those of your competitors who are doing just that. Optimising CVs for jobs is a very powerful technique which helps improve results. Actually, this is no surprise, since by optimising your CV more for the job in question you are effectively telling the employer more of the things that he/she wants to hear.

At the same time, optimising CVs properly is far easier said than done, and takes considerable skill, time and effort - which is why most CV companies don't (or more likely can't) do it.

However, we are leaders in the field, and if you want a properly optimised CV (which you should!), Then you have come to the right place.