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No Ordinary Professional CV Writing Service!

What is a professional CV company?

A professional CV company is one whose main business revolves around CV writing. This is not to be confused with the likes of job sites, recruitment companies or career coaching individuals who do the odd bit of CV writing as a sideline.

CV writing professionals are not jacks of all trades, but real specialist who do nothing but CV writing full-time, all day, everyday.

Many CV companies use part-time freelancers who tend to write CVs as a sideline to their day job. Consequently some firms do operate as professional CV companies on the surface, but in reality the people they employ could hardly be described as professional CV writers.

Note the important distinction?

As a potential client this is something you should be aware of when you consider which professional CV company to use, because for all you know your £200 CV could be written by an inexperienced student with no degree and just average writing ability.

Obviously, it's your money and it's up to you, but a safer bet is usually a small, specialist firm with genuinely talented writers.